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VALID question(s) to ask your photographer before you book are typically about their gear.

Well, have no fear! I have two, dual-slot cameras (Nikon D750 bodies). What does this mean? It means that they are full-framed cameras, both of which operate in a way that every single image I take, gets put on two separate memory cards, just in case for some crazy reason, one card was to corrupt. This protects & ensures all of your images are safe! 

As far as lenses go, I recently upgraded to a 24-70mm! I also love the crispness of my 85mm. 

All edited and finished galleries are exported to an external hard drive. You never have to worry about your images being lost, or unable to be recovered. I have invested in my gear, to better suit YOUR needs & protect special moments you hire me to capture!



I actively second shoot in weddings for photographer, Tiffany Maysonet Photo. 

I have participated in three, one-on-one coaching calls with some of the best photographers around: Jayleigh Flood, Ashtyn Brooke, and Sierra K Photos (<-- she's INTERNATIONAL!)

I have invested in lighting courses, editing courses, as well as photography workshops, all to better serve you! 

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